Thursday, June 14, 2012

The point of understanding

There comes a point where we knew that Alvin would start to understand that he was different. Before the hydrocephalus surgeries his differences were harder to point out. He spoke a little differently and had different social interactions. His motor skills were choppy but for the most part it was hard for others, especially kids his age to tell what was going on. Most kids just thought he was funny or odd, but it never was really a factor.

Lately all that has changed. It occured to me during this hospital stay that Alvin  is starting to understand that he is different and that the hospital is now going to be part of his life.

This all started when we were in the playroom. There was a doctor's table with commonly used items such as a thermometer, pulse oxygen monitor, and stethoscope. While we were in the play room Alvin had a lot of fun showing me how these were all used telling me things about them. While I was impressed with his understanding it was also hard to take.

During the stay last week, from the first clinic visit all the way through discharge Alvin showed me that he does understand what is going on. He knows something is wrong with his head. He knows that the doctors are there to help but they do things that hurt sometimes and it can be scary.

When we got home I basically forgot about some of it until Sunday when we went to a local playground to get some much needed outside time.During our time there I noticed something very specific. When Alvin was playing with the other kids and his baseball cap was on covering his incision he was treated as normal as ever. He at one point took his hat off and went back to playing. The same kids that were just playing with him saw his head and made comments and ran away. These exact same kids started treating him like there was something wrong with him. Alvin noticed this and once again did something that I admire. He calmly came to me and said he wanted to go home so I got Elliot and we headed home.

Once again that was a kick in the gut. I see him deal with it so well, but later the emotional meltdown came out. He asked to be held and carried. He asked me to not let go.

Alvin knows that he is different now not just because of his mannerisms but because of the large "C' on his head. He knows at home he is treated just like Elliot, but for some reason the other kids don't see him the same way. They see him as odd or gross and avoid him which is so different because at home Elliot seeks him out and could care less that he acts weird or has stuff on his head.

We are struggling with this as a whole. So far the only thing we can do right now is tell him that some kids are just mean and don't understand. His family understands him and right now that's all that matters. Right now all we can do is just work through it with him. He really is handling it all very well for his age and we have been so proud of him. He is starting to better understand his conditions though which at times can be heartbreaking. We had hoped he could stay blissfully less aware for a while longer but the day has come and now all we can do is support him through it.

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