Sunday, March 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Alvin

Today Alvin turns 6.

Happy birthday Alvin. Today you turn 6 years old. Every day you manage to challenge us, make us laugh and scratch our head all at the same time.
This is what happens when I leave a stamp out!
Cuddling with his baby sister
Running the bases at Safeco Field
The past year hasn't been easy for you, but youhave come out of each issue with a smile and a great attitude.

The highlight of our Chuck-E-Cheese trip. Seeing him be able to hold himself on a moving horse.

Who says you have to sit on a swing to have fun. Playing superman is much more fun.

Cuddling with his favorite bear.
So happy birthday Alvin. We couldn't be prouder of all you have overcome in the past year or the  little man that you care becoming.

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