Sunday, May 22, 2011

progression/ regression

Since our move across the country from AL to WA we have seen many things out of Butters. In some ways he has progressed with amazing pace, and then there is the unexplained regression.

One thing that I have learned lately from someone I follow on twitter is to not judge a child on what he has done in the past bad or good, but for what he is today.

Lately I have come to understand this very well. Since starting preschool I have seen many ups and downs. Lately he has all of a sudden become very verbal. He goes up to his teachers at The Little Gym and calls them by name. He tells me on the way to the gym who he is going to see. At home he even calls myself, W and Peanut (as well as the dog and cat) by their names. He's coming home from school singing songs and even showing us art work he has made. It has been amazing to say the least.

The problem is that just a week and a half ago he was socially doing better. He was staying with the group in the gym, listening and following instructions better. This week though he was aloof most of the time but very intent at learning everyone's name. At the gym I saw him away from the group but watching everyone and what they were doing. His main interaction was to run up to his favorite teacher was to run up to her, say her name then run away.

So my question to everyone is how do you deal with the progression/ regression cycle? Any tips or tricks on how to get back lost skills other than just being patient?

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