Monday, May 2, 2011

My name is Butters

My name is Butters. You label me as aloof

  Label me as a flight risk

Label me as in my own world.

But the truth of it is you don't know me by first glance. I'm so smart and love my dog cat and even my sister.  I love playing  and watching hockey at home. I'm different yes, but weird no. I'm just like you but with one small difference. I see the world differently. Most people think I see the world in numbers since its my favorite thing and I am already starting to master concepts at a second grade level at 4 years old. My mom and dad take care in public to not expose me to too many new things at one time. Many times you might see me in a stroller in very crowded places. I get really scared around a lot of people I don't know and tend to try and run to a quiet place.

You see I just want to be like you in so many ways but I need you to understand. Please don't get upset when I don't talk to you or make eye contact. Its not you, its just me. I have Asperger's and I just would like to be understood and accepted.


  1. Aww. He is cute!!! I just want to give him squeezy hugs! Sorry you had a rough day. Hoping tomorrow makes up for it.
    Good post from his point of view. You seem like such a loving Mommy.

  2. Thanks Shelly. I had another post ready but after the incident with the gym this was more of what I wanted to talk about.