Thursday, July 28, 2011

The OCD mess and siblings

Many days Alvin acts normal. He runs around now more than ever playing with cars, trains or action figures. He even likes to play dress up in our clothes and shoes as well.

Then there are days like this past Sunday when it all falls apart. He has a day where his OCD tendencies get the best of him. We went to see his "uncle" (W's best friend from high school) and his wife along with their new baby girl. He was very excited and thrilled when we got there. Soon after getting there and getting his bearings about him he started playing with cars from the older boys room. He was very picky about how they would be lined up to start a race or how the patteren was when he lined them up nose to tail.

Then Elliot had to join in the party. She started picking on him. I doubt she really meant it, but she was just being herself and wanted to play with anything and everything he put his hands on. Soon it just got to be too much and every time she touched a car a complete meltdown happened. These meltdowns went on the entire time we were there. If Elliot or one of the older boys attempted to move a car out of place it was disaster. Finally we said our goodbyes and started the trip home. The ride home he slept and was generally pretty happy and remained that way until time to go to bed.

Some days I love how Elliot is his best friend and therapy. She is very fiesty and doesn't take no very well. She knows how to push her limits but at the same time loves to cuddle and share her snacks with us or the dog.

Then there are days I wish she understood. I wish she could understand how her brother just needs his space. Its not that he doesn't love her or want to play, he just needs to do his own thing for a while.

One day she will understand. One day I will answer her questions about why her big brother that she loves so much and adores doesn't act like other kids.

But will I need to tell her? Will Alvin at some point get better where she won't notice a difference? Will the OCD part of him become less pronounced to the point that she or anyone else would know?

These are all normal questions for me. Every day that he has a bad OCD kind of day these thoughts creep into my head. I try not to dwell on it and I understand that only time will tell and the best thing I can do, that we all can do is accept him for who he is today and work with him the best we can.

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