Monday, August 15, 2011

A post less about Butters and more about Peanut

Alvin was diagnosed shortly after Peanut's (Elliot's) first birthday. This weekend while attending WA autism day I got to thinking about how Elliot will grow up.

I can certainly say she is not going to grow up feeling like her brother is odd or insensitive to others like him. If anything she will be more aware of people's differences. Probably better than most kids she will understand disabilities and how they affect people.

Saturday this just all kind of hit me. We were walking around the farm and visiting all the booths. Alvin wasn't feeling to hot due to having some nasty cold. Elliot however was her normal happy self. She looks past all the kids and if they were in wheel chairs, strollers or otherwise. She looks past screaming kids, meltdowns and other behaviors people see as odd. She just sees them and either stares them down in a way only she can! She is loveable and playful.

Also due to all of Alvin's issues I do keep her in gymnastics like Alvin. I keep her in though for a different reason. She needs to be around other kids her age that are normal. Who act like normal 1.5 to 2.5 year olds.

I can't say that I'm glad Alvin has autism but right now I think I wouldn't have any other way. While Alvin will struggle at times to do things she picks up with ease she will always him to teacher her about patience and how people think and act differently. Since we stay involved with the autsim community she will have plenty of exposure to so many types of disabilities that there will be so many chances for her to learn and ask questions.

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