Wednesday, October 19, 2011

With great progress comes great regression

With great progress comes great regression.

This was my main thought tonight while watching gymnastics. After a year of this you would think I would be used to the ups and downs, but the truth of it is I'm just not. Tonight Alvin regressed in behavior. He was very giggle and required a lot of re-direction. His teacher didn't even attempt one skill with him tonight for some reason that he never explained after class.

See right now with his music therapy I am lured into a world where for 45 minutes a week he isn't so awkward. For 45 minutes a week he works with a teacher that gets him and that he adores. Tuesdays are great. Tuesday's he leaves music therapy singing songs in the car and in a pretty good mood.

Wednesday's however can be cold hard reality. Wednesdays are when he is around other kids his age and the socially awkwardness tends to come out. To be honest some Wednesdays just suck.

So once again this week I put on the brave face, did what I could to help and accepted that for this week he regressed and all we can do is keep working on it.

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