Saturday, April 13, 2013

The dark side

Lately I have been wanting to write about things but with the challenge of a teething baby, a normal 3 year old and dealing with all of Alvin's challenges the words have been slow to come and the decision to talk about things has been hard.

Alvin in general has been doing well. He is still catching every bug out there and his dentist issue is just odd, but then again what's new. The dentist found out that he has 2 extra front teeth that will need to be removed some time in the next couple of years and will need to be followed closely by a oral surgeon to be sure they are removed at the correct time.

What I want to talk about now though is something that I haven't really mentioned before. The quote "Will you love me even with my dark side" comes to mind in what we have been dealing with things lately.

Back sometime at the end of last year as Alvin became more verbal his outburst also became more present. These outburst are normally confined to home and normally happen when he's stressed or had a hard day.

These outburst I'm speaking of are only directed at myself and husband in the form of screaming at us, hitting or kicking. They are never directed at other kids or his sisters, but just us. He gets frustrated with something as simple as not being able to find a lego figure or Elliot taking one of his many hot wheel or just singing.

What ever the reason the outbursts are never seen as ok and he never gets away with them without some form of punishment (losing his leap pad, going to bed early, ect).

I do though however understand them. He gets so upset and angry when things don't go his way and he can't deal with the change. He knows that he is safe at home and with us so that is when he acts out.

So why am I saying this, partially because it needs to be said. This isn't a part of autism that is talked about much and it needs to be said. Alvin underneath it all is still a good kid. He loves his siblings and dog and loves to play baseball.

Alvin though has started to understand that he is different. Kids in tee ball try to talk to him, but he can't. He wants to play/interact with other kids at times but struggles to figure out exactly how to do it.

So what is next? The next step is to talk to his complex care management team about it and push to have the new autism evaluation completed as soon as possible. With the autism re-evaluation completed we can be referred to a specialist who can help us and him deal with the changes that we are beginning to face.

So while we may be encountering his dark side right now we are far from being done with the fight to help him overcome it.

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