Sunday, April 3, 2011

Butters has autism.

He has a form of it that most people we meet have no idea about. We are increasingly looked at when out and has one of his meltdowns in public. His brain is in overdrive and lately the outbursts and being scared has come far more frequent.

But you know what. Butters is normal to us. One of the things that W and I have strived for in all of this is not to loose sight of is to Always treat him as normal as possible. To us he is still a normal  4 year old. He throws tantrums, plays games, and even sometimes does things to his sister that we wish he wouldn't do. He also gets his share of time outs like any other preschooler.

But there are also times when we have to slow down. We have begun to take notice of the times that he needs more reassurance. Times when he just needs an extra minute or two to understand what s going on.

With the move, and diagnosis all within 6 months at times its been overwhelming. But somewhere in the middle of it all I think W and I stopped caring. Not really stopped caring but just stopped worrying about it all. Yes we have challenges that most families don't. Yes he has increasingly more odd outbursts and unexplained (to most) meltdowns.

I'm starting this all during Austims awareness month. Also my personal blog has become more a place for how the kids in general are doing, but my goal here is to focus on autism and how it affects us. 

Some days are great, some are unbelievable frustrating and some just make me want to cry. But thruough it all we just want the best for him. Hopefully you will be able to laugh, cry and somehow relate to us as we continue through the adventure of life with Butters.

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