Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Inspired by the word if (and a fellow ASD blogger)

Today a blog post came across my feed reader that stopped me in my tracks. The post is called "If" by Autism is a trip. While reading it I just had to take a step back. How many times had I thought the same thing.

So inspired by her post here is one of my own.

If Alvin didn't have Asperger's our life would be different.

Potty training at night wouldn't be such a nightmare.

We could all walk in public without worrying if someone was going to bolt due to anything spooking him.

We could have a normal bedtime process full of stories and cuddles rather than screaming matched and obsessive behavior.

I could play cars with him without his OCD getting the best of him.

Elliot could have more interactive play with her big brother using the kitchen set and stuffed animals.

My husband and I could go to a movie without who that Alvin knows well can come watch he and Elliot and can they come during naptime so there are less meltdowns.

I wouldn't dread going to grocery stores, malls or other public places out of fear of meltdown.

I wouldn't feel like I had to fight so hard for teachers, coaches and others to understand what is going on with him and why.

If Alvin didn't have Asperger's.

We wouldn't have moved across the country. Yes we moved for my job but the resources in the PNW are far better than down south. I also would have never met in person some amazing people that my husband is great friends with up here.

I wouldn't laugh nearly as much. Not a day goes by where he isn't dancing, singing or saying  inappropriate things that make us all laugh.

Elliot would not have such great exposure to others with disabilities. Since we stay involved with the community she always sees kids better and worse than her big brother and we feel like she is better for the exposure having not even turned 2.

I probably wouldn't have him in gymnastics. He would be playing ice hockey or soccer.

I would have never known it wasn't normal for a 2 year told to be able to count to 100!

I simply wouldn't have met some amazing teachers at The Little Gym. While they teach him gymnastics I think he teaches them the joy of watching a kid like him finally get it!

I would have never gained more compassion for him and kids like him. I have seen so many on the spectrum and I seriously am amazed by each child and each parent.

I would have never started this blog. Its given me an outlet to talk about what goes on, what we succeed at and the times that we struggle. While I do have a personal blog this one has so much more meaning.

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  1. So much love, light and support to you and beautiful Alvin. ((((hugs)))) -- Wendy, Autism is A Trip