Monday, August 22, 2011

What's wrong with him?

This evening before gymnastics Alvin was having one of his moments. He couldn't transition to gym from dinner and was mad at me for not letting him take his lemonade inside. After a few moments of meltdown he was able to calm down (with the lemonade I grabbed from the car). After Alvin was back to being his happy self bouncing off the walls and saying hi to his teacher one of the little girls from his class came right up to me and asked "what's wrong with him?"

The little girl was around 5 years old and the question was innocent. I was shocked by the question and honestly had no idea what to say. All I could say was he was just acting silly at the moment. I wanted to tell her more, but then again I dind't want him to be looked at any differently but wasn't sure how in the world to tell her part of what was going on with him.

So my question to people who have been at this longer than I. How do you explain it? Do you just brush it off or are you honest? How do you handle the question? Any advice would really be appreciated!

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