Wednesday, September 21, 2011

ASD therapy, are we doing enough?

Are we doing enough for him? This is a question that really bugs me some days. Right now he is developmental preschool with 12 kids a lead teacher and 2 para-educators that stay with the class. He’s getting social integration, fine motor skills practice and speech therapy 5 days a week for 2.5 hours a day. Then there is Top Soccer. A soccer program for kids with developmental/physical disabilities. He has that once a week though the end of October. Then there is The Little gym. Here they focus on preschool skills like listening, imaginative play, and staying focused. They also work on gross motor skills using gymnastics equipment and games. The gym is the only place he gets to really practice social skills he’s learned with other neurotypical kids.

With all of this I wonder if it’s enough or is it too much. This thought always seems to creep back into my mind every so often. Now we are thinking about adding a music therapy class to the mix with the teacher I referred to in the previous post.

With everything that we do is it too much or not enough. I wonder if he has enough down time with it all. Time where he isn’t in a therapy setting. I do my best at home to let him just be a little boy and do his (at times) odd things. I try to get both kids to a playground at least once a week in addition to all of the other things. Plus most Saturday mornings are spent not doing too much but snacking on breakfast and watching cartoons while playing trains, blocks or whatever. I also worry about Elliot. I make sure I get one on one time with her every week but is it enough?

So here is my question for other parents of ASD and other special needs kids out there. How do you know when you are doing not enough or too much?


  1. I think that since every child and every parent is different, then it just depends. You are his best advocate and you know him better than anyone else and have his best interests at heart, so what you are doing is great. I do less for Aidan, and I often wonder the same thing, it's hard not to.

  2. I think right now since he is still pretty young I am really pushing for a lot. As he gets older I would hope to lessen what we do and just have him be more of a normal kid and do music, sports or whatever else outside of school instead of therapy appointments.