Saturday, September 17, 2011

Bye Bye to our very special Teacher/Coach!

During this process of getting help for Alvin we have had some great therapist. In Huntsville it was his OT Mrs Denise that he saw once a week. At the gym is Mr. Matt. Both of these teachers we left and it was so hard to say goodbye. Today at the Autism Speaks walk in Seattle we saw one of Alvin's favorite teachers, Teacher Jesse. We learned that he had left the gym for reasons not important to talk about here.

Teacher Jesse was a big deal for Alvin. When we first moved here Jesse was his first teacher in Sports Skills class. He was the one that encouraged us to move him to another pure gymnastics class due to the sports skills class being too crazy to really benefit him.

Walking on the beam with Teacher Jesse and gaining confidence and trust

Listening to instructions for the group activity

When he moved classes even though Alvin wasn't in his class at the gym Jesse still asked me about him after Elliot's class. Then this summer Alvin was back in his class and all of a sudden took off. Jesse was his buddy and he would do anything for or with him. If imitation is the purest form of flattery then Alvin loved him. He would imitate the movements that Jesse did in the lobby while explaining to parents what another class did. He would follow him all over the gym and was always so happy to go see him.

Time to change stations and he is first in line and ready to go!

From a parents stand point Jesse took time and that's what made the difference. He took the time to get to know him and understand what is going on with him and how best to help him adapt to the gym environment. He had more patience with him than most anyone. He took the time to make sure Alvin made eye contact and got down on his level when needed.

To this special teacher we say thank you. Thank you for the memories and the enthusiasm. Thank you for the fist bumps, high fives and understanding. Overall, thank you for helping our son. We will not forget you!

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