Wednesday, September 28, 2011

A new therapy

We have done all kinds of  therapy with Alvin over the past year. We have done the traditional route of occupational and speech therapy. We are doing ABA at school and social skills work at the gym and now we are doing something completely different.

We have been told by a few therapist that have worked with him that he would be a perfect candidate for music therapy. He used to love directing the pep band at hockey games.
We knew he loved music but weren't too sure how to go about getting music therapy started. The program in Huntsville had a long wait list to get in.

So what do I know about music therapy? Well lets see.....

Ok, so I don't know much at all about music therapy yet. I know that I have heard it can help kids like Alvin with speech, fine motor skills and cognitive development. What is he exactly going to do, not entirely sure yet. I know that he will be working with 2 instruments to start being the drums and the ukulele.

The best part of this for him is he will have a teacher that he knows. He will be back with "Teacher Jesse"! Alvin has been asking for him the past few weeks and they will be re-united for once a week session in his home as part of Harmony Music Studio. I'm not sure who is happier about this us or him! We have talked via email and phone and have a game plan. After a couple of weeks of getting used to the routine the thought is to make some goals. Something that in a 4 or 6 week time we can see what he has accomplished and what things need more work.

So once again I am going into the unknown with something else to help Alvin. I will of course be documenting things here and shorter burst on the facebook page and twitter. We may not know a ton about what we are about to embark on but I do know one thing. I know that Alvin will never be made to feel like he is doing something wrong. It is all about having fun and helping him get better at the skills he needs work on.

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